Wally Habbal
Wally Habbal

Hi! I'm Dr. Habbal,

Welcome to University Dental Center

University Dental Center has been mine and my staff's home since 1992. We work with our patients so they can achieve and maintain a beautiful smile, healthier gums and teeth.

We take the time to explain to our patients, their treatment options and inform them of additional preventative care. We feel this will lead to a more trusting doctor/patient relationship and, for many people, relieve the stress about seeing the dentist.

We take pride in providing you with a comfortable office experience where our qualified staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

We invite you to call with any questions or contact us through our website or social media.

Take advantage of the resources on our website, both as a new or current patient. We hope to see you soon and we look forward to getting to know you.